Model Rep Team

For Commerical Brand Imagery

Does your child love to model and are they comfortable in front of the camera? We are always looking for girls with unique looks age 2 through 8 years to join our team of reps who model for small shops and children's designers.

Reps receive a $100 discount off a model mini session in exchange for a signed model release for the shops and brands marketing and promotional image use. Regular reps who model for us will have their child's stats added in our system for the designers and shop owners, who often will request who they wish to model their garments.

Representation Matters

We at Roar Photos strongly believe in inclusion and representation of all children. Our diverse team of reps who model for collaborations between Roar Photos and various small shops is an inclusive and welcoming group for all. We do not discriminate against anyone's race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, cultural or religious beliefs.

Magazine Publications

Rep images are often sent to model, photography, and designer magazines where the images are chosen and featured. Children love to see themselves in print. It's such a fun up-lifting experience that can have a positive effect on a child's confidence, self-image and esteem.